Police make 4th arrest in 2014 murder of pregnant woman

Photo from Portland Police Bureau

PORTLAND, Ore. - A fourth man will face murder charges in the 2014 killing of a 21-year-old pregnant woman after police arrested him on Friday.

Ervaeua Herring was shot and killed at her apartment on Southeast Powell Boulevard in the early morning hours of August 17, 2014.

"21 years old, pregnant at the time, is killed," said Portland Police spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson. "You know, her connections to the gang community are through family and associations but she herself wasn't a gang member. Her family obviously was devastated by this."

In early May 2016, three men were indicted for murder in connection to her death.

Kelani Brown, 24, was arrested and booked on one count of murder Friday as a fourth suspect in the case. His arraignment is set for Monday.

According to investigators, several armed men started shooting through the walls an Eastwood Village apartment in the early morning hours of August 17, 2014.

Herring was alone in the apartment, asleep when the gunfire started. Portland Police said they think Herring's boyfriend was the target of a gang-style shooting.

"Shooting in the darkness. Shooting through a residence. Killing a young woman who they found out later was pregnant. It's horrible," said Simpson.

During her autopsy, the Oregon State Medical Examiner found that Herring was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Police are still investigating the case, and may make more arrests.

"It's a challenging case and it's taken this long to make arrests, but we're not done investigating and we won't rest until every person responsible is in custody," said Simpson.

Kelani Brown is scheduled to appear in court to face murder charges on Monday.

Investigators connected three men to the shooting in early May - DeAnthony Simmons, 22, Demetrius Ray Brown, 21, and Geontae Brachaurd Jones, 22. The men were indicted on murder with a firearm (three counts each), first-degree burglary (two counts each), and unlawful use of a firearm. Simmons and Jones were also indicted on a charge of felon in possession of a firearm.

After they were arraigned on May 3, Kimberly Dixon came forward to speak about her connection to the family.

"We are unfortunately a part of this exclusive club of being a parent losing a child outside of the life cycle," Dixon said.

Her son, Andreas "Prince" Jones-Dixon was murdered in 2013. Demetrius Brown is also a suspect in his murder.

Police ask anyone with helpful info to call (503) 823-4033.

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