Police investigating 'separate' shootings inside and outside Oregon City pub

Oregon City police say a man accidentally shot and wounded himself and another man at the Pioneer Pub on Main Street early Sunday morning. In a separate incident, they said a bullet went through a trailer and into a van belonging to a band in the pub's parking lot. (Photo of bullet courtesy Sunny Ledfurd).

On Sunday, the lead singer of a rock band described what police called an accidental shooting at a pub in Oregon City.

"We heard like a loud bang and someone was laying on the floor," Sunny Ledfurd, the musician, told KATU.

Officers said detectives are still investigating the incident and that the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office will consider whether charges are filed.

Police said the suspect ran away after the shooting but they found him and he's cooperating with investigators. A police spokesman would not say whether he was arrested. He said the suspect and the victim were each shot in the hand and that they're also investigating a separate shooting outside.

Ledfurd and his band are heading back home to Charlotte, North Carolina after wrapping up their tour of the West Coast.

Their final gig was at the Pioneer Pub on Main Street in Oregon City, where Ledfurd estimates they've played around seven times.

"We love coming to Oregon. Oregon is like a second home to us," Ledfurd said in the parking lot of the pub on Sunday afternoon. "This is our regular stop when we come to Portland."

But around 1:15 a.m. Sunday after the band finished playing, Ledfurd said something happened that's never happened at one of his gigs before -- a shot was fired.

"It was just 'perkkt!' -- one little bang," Ledfurd explained. "And then there's somebody laying on the floor. It was just kind of no one could figure out what happened."

Ledfurd said he watched surveillance video of the incident, which a pub staff member would not show to a KATU reporter.

"On the video, he's taking the gun out and it goes off like accidentally. Like he's pulling it out but before he gets it out it goes off. You can see it go off under his shirt," Ledfurd said.

Police said the suspect, a 21-year-old Clackamas man, accidentally shot a 25-year-old man he knows.

"Some people thought it was a firecracker," Ledfurd said, "very surreal."

Outside, in what police called a separate incident, Ledfurd and his bandmates found a bullet had gone through their trailer and into the back of their tour van.

It's clear Ledfurd is not happy about any of this.

"I think if you bring a gun to a concert you're a wussy," Ledfurd said. "That's my statement."

A police spokesman would not say whether the suspect had a concealed carry permit.

In Oregon, it's legal for a permit holder to carry a firearm in a bar if the bar allows it.

KATU asked a staff member of the pub if they allow guns inside and he said, "No comment."

In Washington, concealed permit holders are banned from bringing firearms into "portion(s) of an establishment classified by the state liquor control board as off-limits to persons under twenty-one years of age."

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