Police puzzled by 1,000 needles scattered in park

A Beaverton police officer shows needles he collected on a nature trail Thursday. (KATU Photo)

Beaverton police say the motive is unclear in what led someone to scatter as many as 1,000 needles across a nature trail and into someone's backyard.

Officers were called to Brookhaven Park Thursday around 8 a.m. Police closed off the area and spent two hours going through the trails picking up the needles.

Beaverton police Officer Jeremy Shaw told KATU News by phone the needles are high-quality medical needles, the type someone would see if they were hooked up to an IV.

Police suspect someone took a large needle disposal box from a medical facility and went through the contents, hoping for hypodermic needles, and then tossed them out when they realized they had the wrong type of needles.

"It looks like they were trying to find a place to dump them," said Paula Lynch, who found the needles while she was walking her dogs Thursday morning. "I wouldn't want the kids out there playing."

Staff with Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation swept the area, collecting at least a dozen more needles that ended up in a homeowner's backyard. Police say their detectives will reach out to medical providers in the area to see if any had a needle disposal box stolen. Police hope if so, surveillance video or photos could connect them to whomever is behind the dumping of the needles.

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