Police investigate jewelry store robbery at Washington Square Mall, 3 suspects detained

Police investigate jewelry store robbery at Washington Square Mall (KATU Photo)

A massive police presence was reported at the Washington Square Mall Tuesday afternoon following a jewelry store robbery.

Tigard Police say three suspects smashed a glass display case just before 1 p.m. and made off with thousands of dollars of merchandise, then fled the scene. Police say many mistook the sound of glass breaking for gunshots, but no shots were fired and no one was injured.

In the moments after the robbery, witnesses reported chaos.

"They were probably two-and-a-half seconds where everyone was stunned," shopper Matt Gilmour told KATU. "Everyone was looking for someone else to have a reaction, and then soon as that happened, everyone just started, like a flood of people running out."

Gilmour said he heard at least three bangs when the suspects smashed glass cases inside the store.

"Four people with masks on, they have gloves and everything," Gilmour recalled. "One guy had his hand in a shirt, looked like he had a gun. They had hammers and jewelry falling out of their pockets, and they took off right to the parking lot."

Witnesses reported seeing three to four suspects. Tigard Police said the investigation is ongoing, and said the public is not in danger.

Police say the suspects led police on a chase, and were eventually detained.

The mall remains open for business.

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