Police searching for suspect in north Portland hit and run crash

Police say a man hit a security officer and a white car as he fled the area of N. Columbia Blvd. and N. Commercial Avenue on July 17, 2017. (SBG photo)

A security guard was attacked, stabbed and run over at a wrecking yard at Rose Auto Wrecking in North Portland Monday morning.

Police are still looking for the suspect who fled the scene.

The man who was hurt, Sajon Tori Mackey, was taken to Legacy Emanuel hospital and is recovering.

Mackey has an agreement that allows him to live on the property of the business that's in the 8100 block of North Commercial Avenue while providing security.

Sally Daniels and Mackey woke up in their trailer when they heard loud banging noises.

“He looked out the window to see what it was and he noticed somebody packing off scrap,” said Daniels.

Mackey went outside to confront the man.

That’s when Colton Neuschwander was arriving to work across the street and saw the men fighting.

“The next thing we know is they each have something in their hand, the darker guy looked like a hatchet, the other guy [Mackey], I don’t know, a baseball bat or something,” Neuschwander said.

Neuschwander told said the security guard walked away and the suspect followed him.

“[The suspect] hoofs it back to his pickup and hops in, gets the thing going and pops the clutch and [we] were like, 'Well, OK, he’s going to smoke some tires and get out of here.' And no, he turns in there by them tires and plows into the white guy; I mean, up on the window, hit him hard, he was going as fast as that little pickup can move,” he said.

“I told Tori, my boyfriend, watch out because the car was coming right behind and he turned around and he didn’t even have the chance to move,” Daniels adds. “It is scary, I mean, he could have died.”

The suspect also stabbed Mackey in his upper body.

Police are looking for a dark-skinned man, driving a black, mid to late '90s pick-up truck, with plywood lining the bed.

Investigators said the truck has possible front end damage and no rear license plate.

Police say this is still under investigation.

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