Police seize hundreds of fraudulently purchased iPhones

Courtesy Tigard PD

TIGARD, Ore. -- Officials say they seized nearly 500 iPhones that were purchased with fraudulent gift cards at Washington Square Mall earlier this month.

A detective noticed a man buying large quantities of merchandise at the Apple Store on Dec. 4 using stacks of gift cards -- a sign of organized retail crime, police say. The suspect was then seen loading up a trunk already filled with Apple shopping bags.

Police followed the driver of the car, pulled him over, and found 470 iPhones (worth about $292,000) in the car. Earlier, police say the suspects dropped off several boxes filled with iPhones at a local FedEx, with the intent to ship them to Hong Kong. In total, police say the suspects' fraudulent purchases totaled $750,000.

Police say the suspects had also fraudulently purchased iPhones at Bridgeport Village, and that the gift card purchases are linked to counterfeit credit cards with origins in southern California.

No arrests have been made.

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