Police raid Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Clubhouse, nearby home in 2015 homicide case

The search warrants were part of the ongoing investigation into the 2015 homicide of 56-year-old Robert Lee Huggins, whose body was found on July 1, 2015, in Clark County, Washington.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Police detectives raided the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club in Northeast Portland, as well as a home behind it early Friday morning, after executing a search warrant on both properties. They say it is in connection to the murder of a former member of the club, whose body was found in Clark County.

Detectives spent hours both inside the club and the home, while outside neighbors smiled.

"It's been coming," said neighbor, Connie Johnson. "I mean we've complained about it. The noise, the blowing up half a stick of dynamites out here, getting drunk and stuff like that."

"I'm kinda like happy, the neighborhood ain't got to hear the motorcycles roaring up in the middle of the night, they have wild and crazy parties," said another neighbor who asked to remain anonymous.

The warrant for police to collect evidence is in connection to the murder of 56-year-old Robert Lee Huggins, a former member. State Police SWAT and the Washington County Sheriff's Office helped Portland Police homicide detectives served the warrant early Friday morning.

"Not surprising. I mean when you have a club like that and you're doing things against the law, murder play a part in that," Johnson said.

Loggers found the body of Robert Lee Huggins, 56, last summer in Ridgefield, Washington - about 25 miles north of Portland. He died from multiple blunt and sharp-force injuries.

This week, a grand jury indicted six people in connection to his murder.

"Some of the activities he was involved in ran afoul of his friends," said Detective Jim Lawrence, with Portland Police. "They sought out some retribution as a result."

Mark Dencklau, 56, and Tiler Pribbernow, 34, were arraigned Friday morning. Both pleaded not guilty to a slew of charges, including murder and kidnapping. Earl Fisher, 46, was in court, but did not enter a plea on the same charges.

Kendra Castle blocked her face in the hall of the courthouse, she pleaded not guilty to a charge of hindering prosecution in the case. Ronald Thompson's accused of hindering prosecution, but did not enter a plea.

Malachi Watkins, 32, who is in jail in Washington, is also charged with murder.

Back on North Garfield Avenue, neighbors say perhaps the police presence means they'll see and hear a lot less on their street.

"It's a nuisance to see all these bike gangs come through here, parking the cars in our lot, no respect," Johnson said.

Attorneys representing two of the clients pushed the judge for access to evidence, and said they couldn't speak with the press because they just to have enough information about the case. the five are next due in court the morning of June 20th.

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