Police shootout caught on camera by woman headed to dinner

Image from Julie McCartt.

Douglas County Sheriff's deputies are trying to identify the driver involved in a shootout that ended with a stolen car catching fire outside of Roseburg on Saturday evening.

The incident started about 6 p.m. when emergency dispatchers received reports of a stolen car spotted at a truck stop along Interstate 5.

Deputies say the car had been stolen from Eugene last Thursday and there were multiple guns and some ammunition inside.

The shootout unfolded about 300 yards in front of Julie McCartt and her husband while they were on their way to dinner from Riddle to Roseburg.

McCartt tells KATU News she started recording when she saw the driver plow through a nearby ranch with police right behind it.

"It was a dead-end road, there was nowhere to exit or any place to go, and we watched him get stuck, kind of spin it around, and that's when he opened fire on the officers," said McCartt. "It was just extremely shocking."

Deputies say the driver started shooting. Law enforcement returned fire.

Video shows rapid gunshots being exchanged between law enforcement and the driver, with several cows quickly dispersing.

Minutes later, video shows the gunfire cease as the smoking car bursts into flames.

“Law enforcement later confirmed the presence of human remains in the vehicle,” authorities said.

McCartt says, she didn't see anyone leave the car.

"At that time, I didn't really think about fear or anything other than hoping he didn't hit one of the officers," said McCartt.

The deputies and Roseburg Police officers involved weren't hurt. Those involved were placed on administrative leave, as is typical officer-involved shooting protocol.

Investigators are still working to determine the driver’s identity.

The Douglas County Major Crimes Team is working the investigation, with Roseburg Police as the lead agency on the shooting.

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