Police: Teen dead from gunshot wound at Renton Walmart

Police: Victim sustains gunshot wound to chest at Renton Walmart

RENTON, Wash. -- Renton Police are looking for the passenger who opened fire on a driver -- killing him -- in the parking lot of the Renton Walmart Sunday.

Police say the victim was a 16-year-old boy and the driver of a black Mercedes. The suspected shooter, one of two passengers in the car, is still on the run.

Family of the teen confirms his name is Emarion Walker Black.

“This is senseless,” said Glenda Gipson Bentley who is victim’s grandmother. “I don’t know what happened but we will find out.”

Police say the shooting unfolded around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon in the parking lot of the Walmart located at 743 Rainier Ave. South.

“A group of individuals had met up here in a car, there was a shooting in the car, victim was shot from a short distance and he was driving and hit the wall here at Walmart,” said Commander David Leibman with Renton Police.

Witnesses reported hearing two gunshots. Bullet casings and shattered glass were found near a restaurant.

One witness did not want to be identified, but she explained what she saw and heard:

“They are shooting out here," she said. "There are bullet holes. People were running and ducking for cover. And, I had an off-duty cop in my store. So, he was like, ‘You guys get back in. I got this. I'm a cop.' "

According to police, the same Walmart was also hit by unrelated arson Saturday night. It was closed Sunday while workers cleaned up the debris from the fire.

But just outside in the parking lot, a growing group of emotional family and friends demanded answers as police continued their investigation.

“All this violence needs to stop,” said Gipson Bentley.

The fallen 16-year-old’s grandmother says she knows the pain of losing a young loved one all too well.

“I had a grandson that was murdered in Lakewood on October 21st, 2018,” said Gipson Bentley. “He was going there just to pick-up his girlfriend from work and this senseless crap happens again – we are tired of it.”

Police say there was a witness to the crime inside the car – the other passenger -- adding he is cooperating with investigators.

Providing insight, Gipson Bentley hopes, will bring justice.

“I just want to say my grandson was a good child – there’s no reason why this should have even went down,” Bentley said.

Renton police say they know little about why the altercation happened in the first place.

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