Porch pirate reportedly follows delivery truck driver to steal package

Erica Menze says a man dressed as a delivery truck driver was following an actual delivery truck driver and stole a package off her porch. Photo courtesy Erica Menze

Package thieves strike again, and they may be getting even bolder. A local homeowner says she thinks the person who took her packages was stalking delivery truck drivers.

Erica Menze and her husband were at work when they got a message that a package had arrived at their home. When, they got to their house, the package was gone.

They re-watched their surveillance footage and saw that two people were at their door that day.

"He looked like he was dressed up as a package, a delivery person already," said Menze. "It's hard to watch because it's something that we don't have control over where something gets delivered all the time."

She says a man came up and snatched the package almost immediately after the deliver driver dropped it off and jumped into a getaway car.

"It's heartbreaking. It feels so invasive like someone has taken over my personal space," said Menze.

Law enforcement agencies like Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies and Gresham Police have started bait package programs to thwart porch pirates. Several have already been caught, but they're getting more devious.

WCSO deputies arrested an Amazon delivery driver earlier in December for stealing a bait package.

Menze thinks the man who stole her package and an accomplice followed the delivery driver.

"I'm worried by how many houses at the time they hit at one time just by hitting that one truck," she said.

Police say the suspect wore a dark hoodie, a bright red baseball cap and a green reflective vest. He left in an older model blue station wagon.

As for Menze, she never got her package back.

"It was a Christmas present for me. I know what it is now, so they ruined my Christmas present," she said.

Menze said she's asked for friends and loved ones to send her packages through her work from now on to avoid these situations.

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