Portland Diamond Project celebrates 2 years since going public

Portland Diamond Project rendering of the possible Major League Baseball stadium at the Port of Portland's Terminal 2 site - Image courtesy Portland Diamond Project

“Baseball is America’s game, and I think we deserve to be part of that,” Jeff Ouano, a supporter of the Portland Diamond Project, said.

Fans say they are ready, and on Wednesday they came out to support it.

The Portland Diamond Project is celebrating two years since going public with its plan to bring Major League Baseball to Portland.

Ouano says he wasn't sure it would even get this far.

“It was a little questionable at first, but I think everyone is really rallying around it and I think we can do it,” he said.

It’s a sentiment shared by officials with the project.

“I think we are further along than I thought we would be at this point, but in terms of when this is going to happen, that’s a question we would like to know as well. We are controlling everything we can control at this point,” Managing Director of the Portland Diamond Project Mike Barrett said.

Big questions are still on the table, like when they will break ground or what team would actually come to Portland.

The Portland Diamond Project is working closely with the city to make this happen. Some city officials have voiced concerns.

“We have too many big-issue problems for me to have any interest in putting a single public penny into baseball,” Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty said to KATU News earlier this year.

But Barrett says they aren't looking for taxpayer dollars.

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly's concern is with the roads.

“It is absolutely not a top priority for me to be building roads in an industrial area. There’s very little access to where they want to build,” she told KATU News on “Your Voice Your Vote.”

But fans say the good would outweigh the bad in that department.

“I think everyone is concerned about what the parking situation will be; but whatever. If we want this bad enough, we will figure it out,” Ouano said.

“That’s people with too much time on their hands,” said fan Kevin Farin. “It’s a stadium. It's going to require parking. But what it brings to the city is much more than the inconvenience of a few parking spaces.”

The Portland Diamond Project says it hopes to have some new announcements soon.

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