Portland kicks off new trash collection initiative

Volunteers gather at Irving Park on Monday, Jan. 21, 2019 to pick up trash. (KATU Photo)

Mayor Ted Wheeler celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday by filling up bags with trash and litter in an effort to spruce up the city.

Wheeler joined 300 volunteers and SOLVE, an Oregon environmental group, to kick off a new trash collection initiative called “Keep it Pretty, Rose City.”

Wheeler and volunteers began the pickup in Irving Park. They plan on making this cleanup effort a regular thing.

“We’re going to be doing this at least once a week,” Wheeler said. “We’re in partnership with SOLVE and others to just bring out the community, grab the trash picker-uppers, fill up the trash bags and make our community something we can all be proud of.”

People of all ages came out to the event to honor Dr. King’s legacy of service.

SOLVE said MLK Day is its biggest volunteer day of the year, with nearly 300 volunteers coming out for the cleanup.

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