Portland middle school student robbed near bus stop

Warning issued after girl robbed near SE Portland middle school - KATU image.jpg

Parents of Sunnyside Environmental School students were warned Tuesday after a student was robbed at a nearby TriMet bus stop.

The incident happened at 4:15pm at a bus stop at Southeast 34th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard, just three blocks away from the school, the letter said.

"I wanted to make you aware of an incident that happened today," Principal Amy Kleiner wrote to parents in a letter. "As the student approached Hawthorne, an individual quickly came up from behind her and stole her personal belongings."

The incident was reported to police.

Parents told KATU News they do not let their kids play in the playground alone during after school hours.

Matt Pozos said he had a discussion with his children after getting the letter.

"How they would deal with something like that. What it means to have let someone have your backpack, because it’s just a backpack," Matt Pozos said.

Neighbors told us they are aware of property crime and issues with some members of the homeless community.

Aya Johns, who lives near SE Hawthorne, said it is not a good area for young families.

"It’s a fine neighborhood but there are better neighborhoods if you’re looking for something a little quieter and probably a little safer," Aya Johns said.

Below is the letter sent out to parents Tuesday:

To SES families and community,

I wanted to make you aware of an incident that happened today, 1/8/18.

A middle school student was walking to the Trimet bus stop on 34th and Hawthorne around 4:15 pm. As the student approached Hawthorne, an individual quickly came up from behind her and stole her personal belongings. The student, her family and the school have reported this incident to the Portland Police Bureau; they will be investigating further in the hopes of finding the person who did this.

In lieu of this incident I want to remind our parents and guardians of a few important safety precautions:

1.Students are supervised on campus between 8:35 am and 3:15 pm. Before and after these times, the playgound becomes a public park and there is not staff supervision. Unless your student is staying after school for a supervised activity (Campfire, musical practice, homework help, etc.) it is important that students leave the SES campus when the school day ends. This is especially true in winter months as it starts getting dark relatively soon after school is out for the day. If students want to spend time with friends after school, please make sure you arrange for this to happen in a supervised location, off campus.

2.If your student walks to or from school, or if they walk to or from the bus stops on Belmont, Hawthorne and 39th, please remind them to walk with another person or in a group. Regardless of their age, students should never walk alone. If you need assistance in finding other students who walk in the same direction as your child, please contact your child's teacher and let them know so the school can help your family create a plan that incorporates this additional safety measure.

Safety of our students is paramount, and as both the principal and a Sunnyside parent I must stress how important it is to have a plan for adult supervision after school. While many students, especially students in the upper grades, love hanging out around campus, in the park, and in the neighborhood until early evening, today's incident is a reminder to all of us that it's safest for students to

leave school at 3:15, head home or to a location where there is adult supervision.

If I receive additional, relevant information about this, specific incident, I will send it along to the school community. In the meantime, please talk with your children about the safety measures outlined above. Our staff will reiterate this at school over the next few days.

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