Portland musician to play prayer concert in Syria


PORTLAND, Ore. -- James Twyman calls himself a "peace troubadour."

"A peace troubadour is someone who's committed to be an example, someone who uses music as a way to access and to feel the peace that is already within them," Twyman told KATU.

Wednesday, he'll begin his travel to Syria where he plans to sing three songs of prayer from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths.

"We will literally be able to see Syrian villages that are held by ISIS," Twyman said.

He said he is aware of the danger.

"We're going to do everything possible to make sure we are all safe. I just became a grandparent a few months ago so I have no intention of being a martyr," Twyman explained.

When asked for his response to those who may call his idea "crazy", Twyman said, "I am crazy--hopefully crazy in a very good way. I'm crazy enough to back up what I believe and do what's right."

Twyman is also recruiting others to pray with him on Feb. 1. He told KATU hundreds of thousands have pledged their prayers from around the world.

"I believe that when massive numbers of people come together and focus their prayers of peace or their energy, you can call it whatever you want, but when they focus together, I think miracles can happen and I've seen miracles happen," he said.

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