Portland oncologist intimates line featured at New York Fashion Week

Dr. Katie Deming, a Portland radiation oncologist, developed a bra specifically for breast cancer patients. (Contributed photo)

Radiation oncologist Dr. Katie Deming is already in New York City, ready for the AnaOno fashion show that will feature her lingerie line.

"It’s unreal, unexpected and fantastic. More than anything, I’m so excited seeing these women walking the catwalk, and they look beautiful, sexy powerful," said Dr. Deming. "The illness is not something that defines who you are, and you can be beautiful, strong and sexy no matter what you’re going through."

Dr. Deming created the line MAKEMERRY in June of 2016.

"One thing that was critical for me was that these products had to be beautiful. They had to be something that I would walk into a boutique and buy them, because I loved it and I thought it would be pretty and sexy and that was really my litmus test. I was not going to develop another post-surgical bra that looked medicinal and that women felt sick wearing it," said Dr. Deming.

"Having something soft and comfortable to wear makes a difference," said Anne-Louise Sterry.

Sterry was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. Since then she's had a lumpectomy and is currently going thru radiation treatment. She met Dr. Deming after surgery.

"Almost every single patient who has radiation for breast cancer will develop some skin reaction and redness," Dr. Deming said.

It's something Sterry is already seeing. She was delighted to try out Dr. Deming's line made specifically for breast cancer patients.

"The breast needs support, so trying to put a bra that’s made of polyester or another fabric that has seams that are touching the skin in these irritating areas can be really uncomfortable," said Dr. Deming.

"I ordered it right away, and I have to tell you, it is wonderful. It’s so soft and it’s cut just right that it doesn’t rub on your scar," said Sterry.

"I think of my job as an oncologist is to heal, and healing isn’t curing, healing is taking care of your patients in every way possible. And I think clothing in this circumstance is an extension of that healing and it feels amazing," said Dr. Deming.

Sterry also has a message for other women: Get their mammograms!

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