Portland parent develops child care finder

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A new dad has helped develop a new way for you to find child care in the Portland metro area.

David Keyes is the co-founder of the new website pdxchildcare.com.

Keyes, along with his business partner, Philip Bieber, thought up the site after Keyes found out his wife was due to give birth to twins.

Keyes began scouring the internet for local child care options but without any luck.

"I just wasn't really finding anything," Keyes said. "I found a few kind of national sites that had a few [child care] resources for Portland. I found a few local websites that weren't particularly well organized; they were more like lists."

The site allows you to perform a geography-based search for day care, preschool or kindergarten providers. Then, you can narrow your search based on type of facility (home-based, care center or school), educational philosophy, hours of operation and religious affiliation.

"If I'm in northeast Portland and I want to find a Montessori school within two miles of my house that is in a child care center, I can put in those criteria, hit search, and it will show me the centers," Keyes said.

But Keyes admits the sites listings are not yet comprehensive and encourages child care providers to submit their information to the site to increase the number of listings that, as of publication, stands at 570.

Keyes also says you'll want to do your research on any child care providers you find on the site. As of right now, there's no background check or certification requirement to be listed.

Keyes says he and Bieber hope to add that feature, along with more search options as the site grows.

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