Portland Police help track down Vietnam veteran's stolen hand bike

Portland Police help track down vet's handcycle (Photo courtesy PPB).jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland Police helped track down a Vietnam War veteran's custom hand bike that was stolen Saturday from his driveway in SE Portland.

The theft happened sometime in a 1.5-hour window as Brian Willson went inside to get lunch.

"(I) came out before 4 p.m. to do another errand and it was gone. I just had to sit down for a second and think, OK, what am I going to do now?" Willson, told KATU News.

Willson is a double-amputee and relies on the hand bike to get around.

Lucky for Willson, he only had to wait 48 hours to get it back.

Two Portland Police officers came knocking Monday afternoon, along with the stolen bike they found only 3 blocks away.

“I thought there was a real chance I wouldn’t see it again... I'm really happy there are so many great people in the world. Thousands of people looking out for my cycle and my well-being," Willson said.

No other information has been released on who took the bike and why.

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