Portland Public School superintendent fires former interim superintendent

Portland Public Schools named Yousef Awwad the new interim superintendent on June 30, 2017. Photo courtesy Portland Public Schools

Portland Public School (PPS) Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero has fired former Interim Superintedent Yousef Awwad.

The district confirmed the firing with KATU and sent this statement:

“Yousef Awwad is not employed by the district, effective immediately. Last week the superintendent announced the first phase of the reorganization of the central office, and this departure aligns with the superintendent’s goal to build a new team of leadership to support him and his vision for PPS going forward.”

Awwad had worked for the district since 2014. PPS recruited Awwad from Arizona back in 2014. He worked his way up from chief financial officer to deputy chief executive officer. Then, this past June, he was slated as interim superintendent, stepping in nearly a year after Carole Smith stepped down.

When PPS hired Guerrero back in August, Awwad said this about Guerrero:

"He seems like a go-getter and a self-starter. I think he'll be great for the district. We're all here to just support him. We want him to succeed."

Neither the district, nor Guerrero, are explaining exactly why Guerrero fired Awwad, but as stated in the statement from PPS, the firing comes at nearly the same time Guerrero announced a big reorganization of staff, as stated on the PPS website:

“The time to make an exponential difference in kids’ lives has never been better,” Guerrero said.

On the website, the district breaks down the staff changes Guerrero is making:

He said he will create a new position of Deputy Superintendent for Instruction and School Communities to take on that task. Under that position would be three chief-level positions: Chief Academic Officer; Chief of Student Support Services; and Chief of Schools.

Guerrero said he will step in as Deputy Superintendent for Instruction and School Communities until the district finds someone else.

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