Portland Soccer Academy director arrested again, booked on new rape, sex abuse charges

Luis Trybom (Dec. 8, 2017 mugshot in Multnomah County)

Luis Trybom, a registered sex offender who earlier this year pleaded not guilty to sex abuse and child porn charges, has been arrested yet again.

Trybom's arrest on June 28, which was first reported by KATU News, came after he was accused of taking nude and explicit photos of a 17-year-old girl. He was released from jail after his bail was reduced in August.

Trybom was again booked into the Multnomah County jail on Friday, this time on suspicion of 27 charges including rape in the first degree, luring a minor, online sexual corruption, four counts of using a child in display of sexually explicit conduct, four counts of encouraging child sex abuse, eight counts of sex abuse in the third degree, failure to register as a sex offender and seven counts of sex abuse in the second degree.

Police say those charges are related to six additional victims who came forward after Trybom's June 28 arrest. Officers say all of the new alleged victims are women and are not related to Trybom's work as director of the Portland Soccer Academy, a youth sports organization that involved several teenage girls. A police spokesman said detectives believe more victims may be out there.

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In court documents related to his June arrest, Portland police say Trybom took nude and explicit photos of a 17-year-old girl after she allegedly told him she was uncomfortable with the process. The documents also say Trybom touched the girl to "adjust" her clothing and that text messages show she told him her age. Officers also say Trybom asked the girl to send him photos displaying her chest, cleavage and backside and used coded language to ask her to be a sex slave.

"He is a scary man and he deserves to be in jail forever," said a woman KATU is calling "Chelsea," who didn't want to publicly reveal her real name.

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Police say Chelsea found several photos of the girl on a thumb drive in a home she shared with Trybom on Northeast Schuyler Street in Portland.

"They were just lewd and pornographic and a horrific thing to find," Chelsea explained in July.

She said she made the discovery after police came to the house in October of 2016 and she later learned Trybom was a sex offender.

She said she packed up her things in the kitchen and accidentally took the thumb drive from a junk drawer.

"I moved in with him in January of last year," said Chelsea, explaining that she'd met Trybom through Craigslist before moving to Portland from San Francisco. "He seemed great. He's really personable. He can turn on the charm. ... He worked with children. I was really impressed with that. He had all of these great accolades when he told me about himself. Of course, I googled him. I didn't find anything negative at that time."

Chelsea also said she checked the state's public sex offender registry before moving in and Trybom wasn't on it.

As KATU has reported, due to complicated legal requirements, Oregon's public sex offender registry currently only lists about 2 percent of the state's nearly 29,000 sex offenders, far below neighboring states. Oregon has the most sex offenders per capita in the country.

Two soccer trainers who worked with Trybom told KATU in July that they were unaware of any of the charges against him.

No government authority requires private youth sports leagues or groups like Trybom's to run criminal background checks on staff members.

Elizabeth Ebensteiner said she was sexually assaulted by Trybom at La Salle High School in Milwaukie 20 years ago.

For the crime, he was convicted of third-degree sex abuse.

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