Portland State students protest President-elect Trump, declare 'Sanctuary Campus'

Portland State University students gather at the South Park Blocks on Wednesday, Nov. 16 to protest Trump and declare the school a "Sanctuary Campus." (KATU News photo)

Portland State University students gathered at noon to protest President-elect Donald Trump, and to declare themselves a "Sanctuary Campus."

It's part of a college campus protest that has been planned nationwide.

"Because it tells immigrants that we aren't racist," protest organizer Armeanio Lewis said. "That we will not support the violence that you face, that this is a safe haven for you."

The group met at the South Park Blocks at noon and pledged to hold another walkout on Jan. 20, 2017, the day Trump is inaugurated president.

"This is a precursor to building a multi-tendency, multi-ethnicity, multicultural movement against the fascist streak in America which Donald Trump represents," said Lewis.

"I kind of hope everybody bands together and even if there are people that are on the opposing side kind of respect everybody else," said Sara Mustafa, a senior at PSU.

PSU campus police say there have been a handful of incidents of vandalism around the university that appear to have been done by white supremacists.

"People are feeling pretty vulnerable at this point," Mustafa said.

Protesters briefly delayed traffic in the area, but the protest remained peaceful.

Violent riots, protests and peaceful vigils have been held in the Portland area since Election Day last Tuesday. More than 100 people were arrested between Thursday and Saturday, mostly for failure to obey police officers.

The protests and riots gained national attention quickly, as Portland was the only city with so many arrests of rioters and protesters, who left behind more than a $1 million in damages.

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