Portland teachers canvass in support of Measure 97

Measure 97 (KATU News photo).png

Teachers were out Saturday, canvassing in support of Measure 97, the controversial proposal to tax big corporations in Oregon.

The measure has a sizeable lead in the polls, with 60 percent of likely voters saying they would approve it.

Teachers, like Roosevelt High School special education teacher Alicia Brown, say the measure could bring much needed resources to Oregon schools.

"It'll reduce class size. We can get the materials we need," Brown said. "I have some teachers teaching brand new this year and they don't even have a stapler."

On the other side, some in the business community say the measure is not a tax on profits, but rather a tax on sales. They say much of that cost may be passed on to consumers.

"We believe that these costs $6 billion will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for groceries for insurance, for medicine," Sandra McDonough with the Portland Business Alliance said.

The quote state analysts who predict as much as two thirds of the amount collected could be passed on in the form of higher prices.

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