Portland teen celebrates birthday by hosting consent and sexual assault speaker

Michael Domitrz of the Date Safe Project leads the audience at Portland State University's Lincoln Hall in a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Irie Page, left, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. (KATU Photo)

Irie Page didn't want a traditional party for her 14th birthday.

"I want to have something, not just party or presents for me, I wanted something to give back to the community and actually make a difference," Page said earlier this week.

So she raised $6,500 and paid the speaking fees for Michael Domitrz of the Date Safe Project. She secured Portland State University's Lincoln Hall and invited anyone to attend.

Hundreds showed up Thursday night to hear Domitrz speak.

Domitrz travels the country speaking to teens and adults about consent in relationships and sexual intimacy. He also talks about boundaries and healthy relationships.

Page hopes her party gets people talking and thinking about what our actions mean and how others may interpret them.

Domitrz has since said he will give the money back. Page said she will now donate it back to the local community.

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