Portland woman sues landlord over raccoon attack

Heidi Schultz points to the scars left by a raccoon that attacked her last year. (KATU Photo)

A Portland woman is suing her apartment complex after she says the staff's negligence led to a vicious raccoon attack.

Heidi Schultz was walking her two dogs at the Wimbledon Square apartments near Reed College when she saw some type of furry animal lunge toward her from under a car.

"My leg is covered in blood, my shoes are covered in blood, my shoes filled up with blood," Schultz said, describing the moments after the attack.

Schultz says she and other tenants had complained about the overflowing trash that was piling up. A lawsuit put forth by the firm Kafoury & McDougal, which represents Schultz, cites a dumpster fire weeks earlier as evidence of the complex's longstanding trash problem.

"This place had insects, rodents, raccoons, running around because they had trash everywhere," attorney Jason Kafoury said. "Tenants complained, employees complained up the chain and Prime wouldn't do anything to clean it up."

KATU News reached out to Prime Group, the Los Angeles-based company that owns Wimbledon Square, for comment. No one from the company or the apartment complex would comment on the lawsuit.

Schultz was without medical insurance at the time and says her medical bills are around $26,000.

"The idea that you'd be walking through a parking lot that's supposed to have security, and be clean, and free of debris," Schultz said. "And some animal would jump out from under a car and bite you is pretty ridiculous."

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