Portland's Resistance delivers check to local business damaged in riot

Photo of damage at Urban Pantry after the protest turned into a riot November, 10 2016 - KATU photo Tristan Fortsch

PORTLAND, Ore. – The leaders of Portland’s Resistance are giving money to a restaurant in the Pearl District to help the owners rebuild after rioters damaged their building following the election of Donald Trump.

What started as a peaceful protest of President Elect Trump on Thursday, November 10 turned destructive and violent. City officials estimate that the damages reached $1 million.

The march was organized by Portland’s Resistance. Spokesperson Gregory McKelvey said the tone of the protest shifted when a small group of people started damaging property, and shattering windows of businesses and cars as the protest moved west down Broadway into the Pearl District. He told KATU News their group does not condone the violence and vandalism that broke out in the Pearl District at the hands of a small percentage of those on the streets.

"I'm incredibly saddened that the story has become one of riots and violence and destruction,” McKelvey said in an interview.

The group started a gofundme.com account to help cover the costs of rebuilding after the riot. They delivered the first check of $2,450 to Urban Pantry on Northwest Lovejoy Monday afternoon.

"It's for local and small businesses only. Then, if there's money left over for personal damages. A lot of people's cars were damaged. Single mothers who had to clean up glass out of their car seats. Just trying to rebuild Portland and make everybody whole again for the damages that occurred that night," McKelvey said Monday.

The group raised nearly $55,000 through the gofundme.com campaign. So far they've received 14 requests for assistance, but they will be looking for other who need assistance.

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