Post office agrees to re-start service after dog bite

Mailbox (KATU News photo).png

The US Postal Service has agreed to resume mail delivery to 10 residents in Northeast Portland, after one of the homeowner's dogs attacked a mailman.

Adam Leckie's dog Bailey escaped through his fence last year and bit a mail carrier in the hand. Since then, Leckie has upgraded the latch on this fence and put up a new mailbox on the street so the carrier wouldn't have to approach his house.

He thought everything was fine, until Bailey got out again while he and his wife were on their honeymoon in August. He says Bailey didn't bite the carrier that time -- just chased him.

The USPS then cut off delivery service not just to Leckie's home, but also to 9 of his neighbors on NE Emerson Street.

This week, the USPS agreed to resume mail delivery if Leckie builds a fence and everyone moves their mailboxes to the curb. Leckie told KATU News he's already building a fence and has agreed to pay for new mailboxes for any of his neighbors who can't afford one.

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