Post-Portland vacation, East Coast residents head home and brace for weather

East Coast travelers leave PDX, dreading the weather that awaits them. KATU photo

People up and down the East Coast are bracing for the horrible storm heading their way.

Freezing temperatures, snow, ice and tremendous winds are expected between Florida and Maine. So, for the East Coast residents leaving Portland on Wednesday, it was tough to say goodbye.

"We are bracing for single digit temperatures," Enrique Washington, traveling home to Hartford, Connecticut, said.

"Hopefully our car will be dug out," Ann Kastler, traveling home to Syracuse, New York, said.

From the West Coast, there's only so much people like Kastler and Washington can do to get ready for what’s coming.

"I was prepared for it, I thought, and then I saw something on the news about an arctic punch. What are they calling it?" Corrine Liebe, traveling home to Manhattan, said.

A "bomb cyclone" is what it’s called, and with it is coming snow, wind, ice and for the Northeast, the coldest temperatures of the season.

"We have bigger coats. We had our heat cranked up. We have a wood-burning fireplace, coats for the dog. We are ready,” Washington said.

Keep in mind, New York City hasn't been above freezing since Christmas and the state started the New Year in unbearable weather.

"The airport said that it was -15 yesterday, and we’re just going to be cold when we get there,” Kastler said, referring to the airport in Syracuse.

This storm system will impact people all the way from Florida to Maine. There are watches, advisories and warning spread throughout, so for travelers at Portland International Airport, it's about mentally preparing and figuring out what to do when they touch down.

"Well in the car we keep water, blankets, just make sure we got good winter coats," Washington said.

"Stay in our house,” Kastler said. “Turn up the temperature.”

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