Portland police officers grow beards in honor of girl fighting cystic fibrosis

Members of the Portland Police Bureau, from left to right, Sgt. Aaron Schmautz, Officer Trummer and Sgt. Nick Newby, are working on their beards this month for No Shave November. (KATU Photo)

If you've seen some Portland police officers around lately, you may have noticed they look a little different.

Most of them have beards! It's for No Shave November.

"I think I am winning," Sgt. Nick Newby said.

"As you can tell, man, it's pretty good,” Officer Onest Robert countered. “It's coming in pretty thick.”

Most of these officers are racing for the best beard, others have a more specific target.

"Who can have the most gray, and I am winning that so far,” Sgt. Aaron Schmautz said. "My son went from 3 to 4, so more gray this year."

This is the second year all the Portland Police Bureau precincts have combined forces for a single cause.

"We have several bureau members who have children who have cystic fibrosis,” Sgt. Schmautz said.

This year, PPB is participating in No Shave November to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It’s a cause close to the bureau’s heart. The daughter of a PPB officer and sergeant is fighting the rare disease. Her name is Josephine. These officers are trying to raise $20,000 for the foundation.

"I'm hoping we can do it,” Officer Robert said.

Usually, PPB officers can’t have any facial hair, except if it’s in a cleanly shaven goatee. That's the rule, but this month, for kids like Josephine, they get to break it.

"It's good, I mean, it's a little spotty,” Officer Trummer said. “I don't have the best genes, beard genes."

Although those who struggle might get a little flack, it’s not really about the beard. It’s about showing their colleagues they care.

"Right away you can see that person's thinking about my family,” Sgt. Schmautz said.

And showing their community, they’re really no different.

"I think that brings the personality of the men and women of the police bureau out, and it helps to shine and show that we are really just people like everybody else,” Sgt. Newby said.

If you want to help PPB officers get to their goal, you can donate here.

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