Prom for people with special needs held in Portland

Summer Retallick has a blast with her dance partner at a prom for people with special needs. (KATU Photo)

The Multnomah University women's basketball team joined forces with the Tim Tebow foundation to organize a prom night for people with special needs.

It's one of more than 200 similar dances being held across the country on this Valentine's weekend.

The Portland prom was held at Central Bible Church in Northeast Portland.

"I'm overjoyed because this is her first prom and she's 36 years old," said Sheryl Retallick, speaking about her daughter Summer. "It's her first prom dress, first corsage, probably first date. She'll be real happy."

Summer Retallick has cerebral palsy, and was one of nearly 75 attendees at the Portland prom. All of them received the star treatment. They were provided hair and makeup sessions, transportation to the venue, and even got to walk down a red carpet.

The event is billed as a way to transform Valentine's weekend from a celebration of love to a celebration of God's love for people with special needs and the value of life.

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