PSU student discounts Amtrak's version of events, says he didn't try to kill himself

Aaron Salazar (Courtesy GoFundMe)

A Portland State University student who wound up in a coma under suspicious circumstances is now speaking out.

Aaron Salazar posted a video to his family's Facebook page.

Last May, Salazar was en route to Portland from Colorado on Amtrak, but what happened during the trip is unclear.

Salazar was found unconscious alongside the tracks in Truckee, California.

Finally able to speak, he's discounting Amtrak’s claim that he jumped off as part of a suicide attempt.

“I want you all to know I did not jump off the train,” he said. “I never, ever tried to kill myself.”

In a statement, Amtrak says it is glad Salazar is improving and hopes to talk with him as part of its investigation.

Salazar has no memory of what happened, but his family believes he was beaten up for being gay and then thrown off the train.

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