Red Cross emergency shelter remains open to help evacuees from scrap yard fire

'Portland Fire is going door to door on NE 73rd telling people to leave their homes because of the smoke' - Tweet from reed Andrews.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – The American Red Cross emergency shelter for those displaced by the scrap yard fire in Northeast Portland remains open Tuesday.

The fire broke out Monday morning near Northeast 75th Avenue and Northeast Killingsworth Street.

Tuesday, residents between Northeast 72nd Avenue and Northeast 76th Avenue and between Northeast Killingsworth Street and Northeast Alberta Street were still under evacuation due to the poor air quality in the area.

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Monday night, 141 people sought refuge at the shelter.

Multnomah County officials believe approximately 450 to 500 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders.

The shelter will remain open as long as it’s needed.

Tuesday afternoon, the Red Cross will begin distributing free supplies at the shelter site to help residents and business owners clean surfaces that have been exposed to soot from the fire.

The supplies include a bucket, gloves, a mop and other cleaning products.

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