Refuge standoff participant auctioning off handgun from armed occupation

Jon Ritzheimer's gun auction as listed on the United Gun Group website

PORTLAND, Ore. – One of the people who took over the Malheur National Wildfire Refuge last year is now looking to cash in by selling his handgun from the armed occupation.

Marine Corps veteran Jon Ritzheimer pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced last month to a year and a day in federal prison.

His family is auctioning off the handgun he carried during the takeover to raise money for restitution and to help cover the legal fees he incurred.

Ritzheimer describes the Sig Sauer p-238 Scorpion as one of two firearms that weren't confiscated by the FBI.

The gun is listed on the United Gun Group website, and is inside a glass display case with a copy of the constitution and a tribute to Lavoy Finnicum - the man shot and killed during a chase with law enforcement.

Ammon Bundy, the leader of the 2016 refuge occupation, was recently released from U.S. custody during his Nevada trial over a separate armed standoff with U.S. agents in 2014 near his father's ranch.

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