How to escape a war torn country and start a new life in Portland

Berhane is one of 1700 refugees who moved to Oregon this year (photo: KATU News)

Six years ago, Berhane Ghirmay Gebrehiwet was one of 250 people crowded together on a boat on a journey toward freedom, when the boat started taking on water. They all had to be rescued.

Berhane was escaping his war torn home country of Eritrea in East Africa. It's a small country in between Sudan and Ethiopia which boarders the Red Sea. He is now just one of 1,700 refugees whose journey toward freedom led them to Oregon this year.

"When I started to escape from my country, I didn't dream to arrive in U.S. It is very far." Berhane said.

He's doing well in his new life in Portland.

He just started a new job at Rejuvenation, and his manager says he's impressed with Berhane. But overcoming the obstacles that Berhane has, and making a successful transition to a new country, isn't easy.

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