Remember when Nightline called Portland 'Pornland?'

(KATU File)

Portland became so famous for its strip clubs, that back in 2010 ABC's 'Nightline' dubbed the city 'Pornland.' For strip club enthusiasts that's a badge of honor, for others it's a source of shame.

Some see a correlation between Portland's thriving above-board adult entertainment industry and the illegal business of buying and selling of children for sex, as if they're two sides of the same coin.

In a special report featuring Portland, Nightline presented the city as one of the largest hubs for child sex trafficking and placed a stretch of 82nd Avenue at its center. Pushing back on Portland getting a bad rap, at the time Portland Police responded to the report by saying that the characterization of The Rose City as somehow worse than every other place when it comes to child sex trafficking is "not an accurate characterization." But Portland still has the reputation.

It was during that report that Nighline gave us the nickname 'Pornland.' crunched the numbers, showing how many more strip clubs there are in Portland per capita compared to other large cities. Portland ranks #1. So as a result, it might be easier to get into the adult entertainment industry here than many other cities. But for many in the industry, achieving other dreams, or even just meeting basic needs, often isn't so easy.

Coming up tonight on KATU News at 6, a we have a special report on a local organization helping women in the industry get the resources they need.

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