Reminder: Oregon law allows people to break car windows to save kids, animals


A new law that went into effect in June 2017 could come in handy this week as temperatures soar to above 90 degree in the Portland area.

Under the law, members of the public are not liable for damages if they break into a vehicle to help an animal or child that they believe is in imminent danger.

The law is intended to help children and pets left alone in parked cars during sweltering heat. Concerned citizens should first try to locate the vehicle’s owner and contact the local animal control agency or police department before breaking into the vehicle. Breaking a car window should be considered a last resort.

The Oregon Humane Society says the temperature inside cars can become oven-like in 20 minutes or less.

The hottest weather is expected on Thursday, with a forecasted high of 94 degrees.

Click here for full forecast.

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