Report: Burgerville gets nod for serving antibiotic-free beef, most fast food spots fail


PORTLAND, Ore. – A new study on fast food chains shows most are serving beef from supply chains that use antibiotics, however, one Pacific Northwest favorite scored well in the study.

The new scorecard from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group graded the top 25 burger joints in the nation on how they are taking steps to serve antibiotic-free beef.

The CDC has linked antibiotics in livestock to so-called "super bugs," or illness-causing bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics.

Burgerville received an honorable mention for serving antibiotics-free beef, however it wasn’t graded because it is not a national chain.

22 restaurants got an "F" - while small steps earned Wendy’s a "D-."

The only two restaurants that got an "A" – Shake Shack and Burger Fi – do not have locations in Oregon yet.

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