Reports: Fireworks thrown at two North Portland businesses, convenience store destroyed

Firefighters clean up after fighting a fire at the Plaid Pantry at North Greeley Avenue and Rosa Parks Way on Tuesday night, July 10, 2018. (KATU Photo)

A convenience store owner says someone threw a lit firework into the North Portland Plaid Pantry on Tuesday night, and a similar incident was reported a few minutes later at a crowded restaurant.

While authorities have not confirmed if the incidents were connected, some people in the area are wondering if someone is targeting businesses.

The initial firework set fire to the Plaid Pantry on North Greeley Avenue and Rosa Parks Way. Officials consider the store a total loss.

The restaurant 87th and Meatballs was just closing up at about 9 p.m., however, the manager said several people were still hanging out outside.

Witnesses said someone in a black sedan drove up and threw a lit firework towards the picnic tables outside.

The firework bounced into the business, but the building did not catch fire.

Considering the damage to the convenience store, hose here off north lombard say they realize just how lucky they got.

“It sickened me that people think making others fear for their lives is a joke, there were definitely people who thought, I thought I was in real danger,” one employee said.

Fire crews over at the Plaid Pantry say they are still working to determine an official cause. Investigators also aren't saying if it's connected to whomever threw the fireworks on North Lombard.

Neighbors in the area are concerned, hoping this doesn’t become a trend.

If anyone knows anything about who may be doing this though you are asked to call police.

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