Rescue K-9 back on her paws after fall from cliff

After only three months after the fall that broke her right front leg, Opal got her cast off. (Photo: Barb Linder)

After a serious accident, Mountain Wave Search & Rescue K-9 Opal is starting to look like her old self just three months after a serious accident.

"She just ran out of terrain. She hit that trail, and she ran up the side. And all of a sudden it just dropped, and she tried to stop and she just couldn’t. She just had to jump, so it was not a very good day," said Opal's owner and search & rescue handler Barb Linder.

Opal had fallen off a 30-foot cliff-face in Siletz Bay near Lincoln City.

"She’s strong and she‘s lucky the way she landed, because if she would have twisted or hit her side or anything, she probably would not have made it," Linder said.

Opal's right front leg was shattered in the fall and doctors weren't sure if she'd ever be able to search again after a rehab that could've lasted six to 12 months.

But now, just three months later, after successful surgery, Opal has healed enough to have her cast taken off.

"That was the best day. I did cry a little bit that day when we walked out of there," Linder said.

Opal was insured, but her insurance wouldn't cover any prescriptions or rehab. But that was quickly taken care of when a GoFundme account for Opal quickly reached the $15,000 goal just about 24 hours after the accident.

"Everything we needed we were able to get for her. And the rehab at Newberg Canine Rehabilitation -- she’s getting swimming three times a week, she’s getting ultra sound, she’s getting laser therapy, everything possible to heal her and help her be healthy again," Linder said.

Now, the ultimate goal is just a few months away as Opal rebuilds muscle and ultimately will be able to return to the search work she's loved since she was a puppy.

"I’m hoping that with the right rehab and everything that we’re doing that she’ll be able to search for a long time and not have any issues with it. I will probably have more issues than Opal because I will probably be a little bit of a mess for a while," Linder said.

Opal still isn't allowed to run yet as she rebuilds muscle in her leg.

You can follow Opal's road to recovery on her Instagram page.

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