Rock-it Girls see hard work soar: 'I learn something new every day in rocket club'

SILVERTON, Ore. – A group of students is putting ingenuity and girl power together in an after-school program to defy gravity.

For the past two years, the Rock-it Girls Club at Silver Crest Elementary would work Wednesdays after class and on some weekends to chart a course toward success.

With students like natasha fink - as the stars.

“I learn something new every day in rocket club,” said Natasha Fink. “Every day in science class... and it's just ... it's awesome!”

The group set out on a mission last year to make the biggest, baddest rocket around. The interest, the girls say, started with school science projects.

“Once we heard about the bigger rocket club I felt like it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had to do it.”

Funny thing, no one planned to form an all-female group. Teacher Dan Feller says 9 out of ten kids who applied just happened to be girls.

“I'm hoping to produce some engineers, that's the end goal right there. And frankly there's not enough girls doing STEM things… Science, Technology, Engineering,” said Feller.

All of their hard work paid off on Saturday, when the group launched their rocket in a Willamette Valley field.

“The second I saw the chute come out, I was so proud. Thank goodness ... I was very happy.”

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