Rose City Rollers need your helping finding new venue

The Rose City Rollers are looking for a new venue after the fire marshal said their current location was dangerous for large crowds because of the lack of sprinklers. (KATU Photo)

The world’s largest roller derby league needs your help.

The Rose City Rollers are being forced out of their current venue, and time is running out for them to find a new one.

A few months ago, the fire department lowered the maximum occupancy for the Oaks Park Hangar, where the derby holds its bouts.

Organizers say they need a higher attendance to pay for expenses. So if you’ve got the space, they’d love to hear from you.

"We're a 501(c3) nonprofit. Our mission is to serve women and girls who want to play derby, because it's empowering, it's awesome, it's a fantastic community," said Rose City Rollers Executive Director Kim Stegeman. "But the way we're going to that and really fulfill our desire is getting into our next building."

The Rose City Rollers would like to find a new home by July 1. The ideal venue would be 25,000 square feet near mass transit.

To reach out to the Rose City Rollers, go to their website, Facebook page or send an email to info@rosecityrollers.

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