'RV: U Park, U Burn' signs in NE Portland spark official investigation

RV parking sign (KATU News photo)

Signs that appear to threaten to set fire to RVs parked along a Northeast Portland street sparked an official investigation Tuesday.

The signs, which read "RV: U Park, U Burn," and were found near NE Lombard and 29th Avenue. Late Tuesday, they were taken down by police and given to arson investigators with the Portland Fire Bureau.

Regena Williams, who lives in the area, said she first noticed the hand-written signs last week. Williams said she knows people parking their RVs along this part of NE Lombard is a problem, but she said threatening to torch those vehicles is going way too far.

"Regardless of what another person has done to bring something like this, this is violent and this is something we as a neighbors, we definitely don't want to be around people that are coming into the neighborhood but yet we're not the only neighborhood affected," Williams said.

Sgt. Chris Burley with Portland Police says he doesn't know of any cases of people actually setting fire to RVs, and had learned about the signs from a community complaint.

"There are different avenues that people can go through to make sure that those types of situations are handled and they're handled within the parameters of the law," Burley said.

Portland's Bureau of Transportation said they've only gotten 11 complaints about RVs parked on NE Lombard from 27th to 33rd avenues during the past 12 months. None have been towed; instead the RVs were either gone when crews arrived or they were moved after being issued a warning.

“They are going to have extra patrols in the area,” Burley added.

Back at Williams' home, she collects donated clothing through her Northwest Country Community Outreach organization for the Portland Police Sunshine Division to give to the homeless. She said she hopes whoever put up these signs faces consequences.

“They need to do something, do community service, they need to just get it. First of all, get some help mentally,” said Williams.

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