Ryan Bundy's cell phone video of moments before and after Finicum shooting released

LaVoy Finicum is shown in this still image taken from law enforcement aerial surveillance video moments before Oregon State Police troopers fatally shot him.

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office has released two videos recorded before and after the death of Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupier, LaVoy Finicum.

The videos were recorded by Ryan Bundy, the brother of occupation leader Ammon Bundy.

Finicum was shot and killed during a traffic stop by Oregon State Police on Jan. 26. A report released last month found state police were justified in killing Finicum, an Arizona rancher.

"I'm going to meet the sheriff. You do as you damn well please," Finicum is heard telling the officers before being shot.

He's heard warning police before walking out of the car, "You want a bloodbath? It's going to be on your hands."

WATCH: Full video inside LaVoy Finicum's truck on day of shooting

Watch the videos in full below:

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