Salem could be latest Oregon city to ban plastic grocery bags

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SALEM, Ore. – City councilors are eyeing a possible plastic grocery bag ban in Salem.

On Monday, the council voted 8-1 in favor of research into a bag ban and drafting an ordinance.

If passed, Salem would follow in the footsteps of other Oregon cities like Portland, Corvallis and Eugene.

The city points to several benefits from a bag ban, primarily citing the environmental impact of plastics and the litter created for the city.

Salem will likely model the potential ordinance after the “Alternative Oregon Plan” (adopted by Eugene, Corvallis, McMinnville, Hood River, and Ashland) that bans plastic bags and adds a fee for paper bags. The nickel or dime “pass through” bag fee is aimed at getting people to switch to reusable bags.

As of Wednesday, the city hasn't scheduled a public hearing to take input on the potential ordinance.

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