Salem man searching for owner of little heart-shaped necklace urn of ashes

Heart-shaped necklace urn found at a Salem-area Winco store - Photo courtesy Christopher Henderson

UPDATE: The necklace urn was reunited with its owner on Nov. 10, 2016. It belongs to a woman in Salem and contains her cat's ashes. The cat died after a battle with cancer.

SALEM, Ore. – A necklace urn turned up in the parking lot of a Salem grocery store on Tuesday, and the person who found the treasured keepsake is asking for help in finding its rightful owner.

Chistopher Henderson tells KATU News that his friend found a small heart-shaped turn of ashes at Winco Grocery in Salem.

Engraved on the small necklace charm are the words “always in my heart.”

If you have any helpful information on the necklace, message KATU News and we’ll connect you with Christopher.

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