Salem police arrest 10 in drug bust near treatment facility

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Police in Salem bust a suspected meth house Friday morning, right next door to a drug rehab center. The search warrant led to 10 arrests.

Officers have deemed the location uninhabitable due to unhealthy conditions. The residence at 1945 Fisher Road NE is located next door to the Serenity Lane addiction treatment facility.

According to neighbors, the home turned into a place for drugs and the homeless in just a matter of months after the property was foreclosed on.

It was a neighborhood like any other, close knit neighbors looking out for one another.

"In just three months it has become ridiculous," neighbor Lee Rosen said.

In October the home went into foreclosure and squatters moved in.

Officers arrested the 10 on various drug charges and declared the home uninhabitable.

"There was a lot of mold present in the residence, just very unsanitary to the point that the officers who were inside were concerned for their safety as well," Lt. Dave Okada of the Salem Police Department said.

When we arrived we knocked on the door. We heard a woman inside who told us she was leaving. Neighbors, though, say they don't believe it.

"She's been letting everyone go in there; it's just ridiculous. It's not her house. She does not belong there in my opinion," Rosen said.

The other big concern was a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center next door.

"When we see people trying to get help we certainly want to give them the best chance possible to get clean, so we are going to work extra hard," Okada said.

Police say this is a prime example of a community coming together for the greater good.

"This is a good example of the neighborhood working together very closely with our patrol officers who are working with our narcotics team to resolve this situation," Okada said.

"We are all banded together the neighbors. We all know each other and we don't like it," Rosen said.

Police say anyone found inhabiting the home now can be arrested for trespassing.

The ten people arrested are identified as:

  • Tonya Marie Key, 39: Possession of a Controlled Substance (PCS) Meth, and Maintaining a Drug House
  • Donald Andrew Acker, 26: PCS Meth, Failure to Appear (FTA) for a bench warrant (interfering), Probation Violation (PV) warrant
  • Brandilynn Faye Thommen, 35: PCS Meth
  • Juan Carlos Fernandez, 39: PCS Meth
  • Venus G Rodriguez, 37: PCS Meth
  • Precilla Cade, 34: PCS Meth, PCS Heroin, FTA Warrant (Assault IV), PV Warrant (PCS Meth)
  • Ryan Paul Kapileo Nepaial, 28: PV Warrant (Robbery), FTA Warrant (Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle), PCS Meth
  • Juluana Ruhiya Tagabuel, 26: FTA Warrant (Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle), PCS Meth
  • Christoper Davis Cowlishaw, 41: FTA Warrant (Felon in Possession/Carry Concealed Weapon)
  • Vincent Kime Wilson, 50: PCS Meth
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