Salvation Army discovers $10,000 cash donation in Portland Fred Meyer red kettle

The Salvation Army says someone donated one-hundred $100 bills at a Fred Meyer red kettle in Portland. Photo courtesy Salvation Army 

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Salvation Army believes they received the largest cash donation ever put in a single red kettle in the Portland area Wednesday night.

The Salvation Army – Portland Moore Street corps were shocked when they opened a kettle for their daily deposit and saw one-hundred $100 bills – a total of $10,000 in one kettle!

The Salvation Army says usually, one $100 bill is worth celebrating.

But this is very unexpected.

“It’s incredible!” said Captain Marcos Marquez, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army -- Portland Moore Street Corps. "Whoever did this knows the good that will come of it; and while we do not know who put the money in the kettle, since the money was all in cash, they should know that we are very grateful to have received such a generous donation."

The large donation was made at the Fred Meyer at 3030 Weidler Street at the grocery door.

The organization said the donation came at a time when many are suffering from giving fatigue after the many natural disasters that occurred this summer.

Donations in the Salvation Army Red Kettles stay in the communities in which they were received. They help people in the community.

The Salvation Army has been collecting red kettle funds for Portland for more than 130 years. The bell-ringing donations account for nearly 40 percent of the organization’s annual funds used for services.

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