Scappoose family's newborn needs heart transplant

Finnegan. (Family photo)

A Scappoose couple has had a harrowing start to the new year.

Their son, Finnegan, was born 11 days ago with a heart defect.

He's now in the hospital in Seattle, awaiting a heart transplant.

Just a couple of days ago, parents Joe and Kara Sheeley got to hold him for only the second time since his birth. And now, they're hopeful he'll get a new heart.

“They’ve said they’ve seen kids get hearts within a day, and they’ve seen it take up to a year,” said Joe Sheeley. “So, they really don’t have a timeline. It kind of depends where we’re at on the list. We’re, fortunately, in a pretty good slot, because he was born with such a big heart that they said that they could take a heart up to a year old.”

The Sheeley family is raising money to help pay for Finnegan’s medical expenses. In just eight days, they’ve raised nearly $25,000.

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