WATCH: Sea lion wanders into Astoria, Ore. before police sgt. leads it back to water

Photo courtesy Simon Caron

ASTORIA, Ore. – A police sergeant helped a sea lion get back to the water Sunday after the creature crawled into a store’s parking lot in Astoria.

Sgt. Andrew Randall first heard about the sea lion at 6th Street and Marine Drive, which is a busy thoroughfare through town. There were concerns that the animal might get hit by a car.

After some coxing, the sergeant managed to lead the sea lion from a parking lot at 8th and Astor and get it back in the water.

“This one is the farthest out that he's dealt with,” a police spokesperson said. “They try to guide them back in the water. Depending on the personality it takes time, sometimes they charge people!”

Officials said the sea lions have been popping up in town over the past few years, and that it often happens when they leave the water at high tide.

The encounter was recorded by Simon Caron on Facebook:

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