Search for missing Gresham woman in Mt. Hood area, deputies seek hikers who found backpack

Photo of Diana Bober, who was last seen August 29, alongside her backpack which was found a day later.

Search and rescue crews are looking for a Gresham woman in the Mount Hood area after authorities said they found her car near the Zigzag Ranger Station.

Diana Bober, 55, has been missing since Aug. 29. She is an avid hiker and her family is worried something may have happened to her while she was hiking.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputies found her car Saturday afternoon in the ranger station parking lot, near the Hunchback Trailhead. Crews searched the trail briefly on Saturday, but Sunday was their first full day looking for Bober.

Deputies have a second lead they are following as well. They say two hikers, a mother and daughter, found a backpack along the trail on Aug. 30 and left it at the ranger station after it closed. Family identified it as Bober’s backpack. Now Deputies are trying to get in touch with those two hikers.

“I want them to call right away,” said Scott Meyers, Search and Rescue Coordinator with Clackamas County. “That would be the last known point of where she was. It's our only clue as to where she is.”

Meyers says the Hunchback trail is popular, but very steep.

Bober’s family members say the clues are encouraging. They flew to Oregon from Virginia and Texas on Saturday.

“It's helpful to be together. we just felt like we had to be here,” said Alison Bober, Diana’s sister.

Bober has red hair, hazel eyes and is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds.

“She's petite and red haired and has all the liveliness that you would expect to go with that,” Alison said. “She is full of life, interested in ideas, interested in people. We've stayed close even though we are so far away.”

Family says Bober enjoys the outdoors and regularly goes on day hikes.

“She's strong. She's petite. She can hike faster and longer that I can. She's not a survivalist or carrying a tent on her backpack or anything like that,” said Alison.

Meyers says search crews will be in the area again on Monday.

“Our best hope is that she maybe stopped to take a picture, slipped, is hurt, and can't get back out and she just needs to be found,” said Alison.

Anyone with legitimate information on her whereabouts is asked to call 503-655-8211.

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