Second stranger danger incident reported in Tigard involving elementary school-aged kids


A second "stranger danger" incident has been reported in Tigard this month involving elementary school-aged children being approached while walking home from school.

The first incident was reported Wednesday, Jan. 3 as a student was walking home from Mary Woodward Elementary School. She was offered a ride by a stranger along Katherine Street near 125th Avenue, who also wanted to give her candy and toys. The child was not harmed, and ran to safety.

The second incident was reported Thursday, Jan. 11. Police say a student walking home from Templeton Elementary was approached by a stranger in a white van with tinted windows in the area of Inez Street and 93rd Avenue. In that case, police say the stranger offered the student a ride home.

The student immediately ran home and told her parents what happened.

"I was like really shocked when I heard it. I was like, oh gosh that’s pretty scary," said Dalia Dircio, who goes to Twality Middle School nearby.

Teachers are advising students of the danger, and Dalia's father, Miguel, picked her up from school on Friday, although she usually rides the bus home.

"That’s really something we need to pay more attention to, and talk to the kids -- don’t talk to strangers, don’t get in any cars, don’t walk by yourself, always walk with somebody," Miguel said.

Police say they see "similarities" in both incidents. If you have any information, contact the Tigard Police tip line at 503-718-COPS (2677) or via email at

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