Senate tax bill top talk at Wyden’s town hall

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PORTLAND, Ore. – In the next few weeks, leaders in the House and Senate must find common ground and create a single piece of tax legislation that President Trump can sign into law.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden hosted a town hall event Sunday afternoon at Portland’s Cleveland High School.

The senator heard from many Oregonians who said they aren’t happy about the bill. He says he's going to push back on the bill to protect the middle class.

“This is a horrible bill for the people of Oregon. It's an incredibly bad fit. It's kind of like wearing a tuxedo to the beach,” said Wyden.

Wyden said Oregonians are going to get hit especially hard by this new tax bill, because we have especially high state and local taxes.

He said he’s specifically upset about how this will impact people with high medical costs and people who are paying interest on student loans.

“What are you going to do about this tax bill that's just going to crank up a lot more debt for our kids and grandkids, favors the multinational corporation's over the middle class… that was really jammed through so fast people don't know what's in it,” said Sen. Wyden.

He says that under this bill, most people in the middle class (aka making less than $75,000) will be forking over more money in the next decade.

Wyden says those people are holding up the U.S. economy.

Sunday’s town hall was Sen. Wyden’s 80th he’s hosted this year, earning him an MVP award from the Town Hall Project for holding more meetings than any other senator this year.

It was also his 860th since becoming a senator.

He spoke with KATU’s Wesleigh Ogle before the town hall to cover a range of topics, from health care to net neutrality:

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